How to transit Glasgow to Belfast

We are anticipating a trip to Scotland and Ireland and will need to get from Glasgow to Belfast. I have seen info on this forum about the reverse direction (Dublin/Belfast to Scotland) but we're already set for commencing the trip in Edinburgh, then proceeding to Glasgow, and on to Northern Ireland. I note that Scotrail have three train-bus-ferry scheduled departures on the day we wish to travel. This is sold as a unified ticket, one price. Sounds great so far, right. The rub is timing. I desire to avail myself of the 0730 departure, which the schedule indicates an arrival in Belfast of 1345. The transition from the train, which arrives in Ayr at 0823, to the bus looks to be approximately .8 mile for which 17 minutes allowed (the Cairnryan bus departs 0840, per the schedule). Similarly, the distance from the Cairnryan Bus Terminus to the Ferry Pier is considerable, though there is considerably more time to make the trip (walking or one hopes taxi ) is the responsibility of the passenger to arrange and fund. My wife and I are in our 60s, and the days of running for the bus or ferry are well in our past. I have been in contact with Scotrail whose estimate of the "average walk" between the train and bus is "7 minutes." I'm not convinced we can walk that distance in that time, so I guess it's a taxi - given that they are available... Anybody have any experience with this route? I see in other posts around this general idea the suggestion to consider flying. Not our first choice, but we may end up there if we can't get a comfortable feeling about it being possible to make this journey without layover. Any ideas welcomed!!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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George, The easiest method (and the one I'd use) would be to simply take an EasyJet flight direct from Glasgow to Belfast. They have a flight at 09:25, arriving Belfast at 10:05. Current prices are as low as £31.99 per person (although there will undoubtedly be a few "fees" added to that). Happy travels!