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How to Self-Transfer from CDG to Orly

We will be arriving at CDG on 6/23, arriving from ORD at 6 am. We need to catch a 2:15 pm flight out of Orly. Gives us about 8 hours to play with. I have researched it, and it looks like our 3 options are:
Taxi, approx. 1 1/2 hrs for approx. $110.00
Shuttle bus, approx. 1 1/2 hrs for approx. $25/ per person (2 of us)
Train, approx. 1 hour, approx. $12 per person
Which mode is our best choice? Will we have time for a light meal if we stop in the city, and perhaps "absorb" a bit of Paris? We will be returning to Paris for 2 nights before returning to Chicago.
Whichever we choose, we will likely crash for a bit at the boarding gate.
I appreciate all advice. Thanks!

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The train is more than $12, more like $20 per person.
To be able to "enjoy" Paris, you would need to travel super light as you would be carrying ALL your luggage and lockers are hard to come by. Still, the train would be the best choice for a quick lunch by, say, Luxembourg gardens. All other options will skirt Paris by several miles.

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As Balso said, putting together train tickets FROM CDG into town and then from town TO Orly will cost a little more than €20 per person (€22.40 to be exact).

There is one additional option that gets you direct between the two : the Bus Direct.

It costs 22€ per person; you can get a group rate for 16€ per person if you are three people or more.

If you do a taxi into town and then a taxi back out to Orly, it is less than the taxi direct between the two (and gives you a chance to have breakfast at a cafe).

Taking the example of the Luxembourg Garden, a taxi there for up to four people is 58€. A taxi from there to Orly is 32€. These are both fixed-rate fares and can’t get higher than that. That gives you a total cost of 90€.