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How to get to Blenheim Palace?

What is the best way to get to Blenheim palace in England? I know it is about 1 1/2 hrs. from london, but the train only goes to Oxford and then there are buses and coaches (what is the difference?) to Woodstock I guess. It sounds really complicated, is it worth it? Thanks!

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It's worth it. Take the train to Oxford. Walk from the station to St. Giles. Catch a local bus to Woodstock. Hey Presto! You're there.

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Jenny - you can catch a bus right at the Oxford railstation that will take you to the gate at Blenheim. It is the #20 bus, leaves from the center traffic island outside the train station. If in doubt, just ask a driver (though the stops are marked, and plainly indicate where they are going.

It sounds much more complicated than it is. The driver will tell you the right stop and you will find that you are just in front of the gate. (I just did this in February.)

You might also take a look at this site:

While you are in the vicinity, take some time to visit the pubs and even tour ChristChurch College. It is a great day out!

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Thank you! One more question, is it redundant to visit both Blenheim Palace and Versilles in the same trip, less than a week apart? Should I just pick on or the other, or are they different enough?

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One could call Blenheim Palace a miniature Versailles, but that would be do injustice to both. Blenheim is better decorated, whereas Versailles left me thinking "no wonder the French revolted". If you have time, definitely visit both.