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How to get from Croatia to Greece?

What is the best and most economical way to get from southern Croatia to Athens, Santorini or Crete? Do you drive from Croatia into Athens Greece or what is the best mode of transportation to get from Croatia to Greece? Thank you, Toni

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Political situations and the airline market change all the time; but when I looked at this extensively a while ago, I found that it is not that easy. Problems: Then, and still, there are no direct ferries. Since Croatia is non-EU, it has only limited cheap flights, so the direct fly option is via more expensive main carriers. The political situation in Albania and Macedonia has always made land travel difficult.
Ferry option is ferry to Bari, Italy, then to Patras, Greece (1 1/2 days travel) Air option is to use a cheap flight hub: Croatia to ??? to Athens. There may also be some new rail options and a car through the Balkan countries may be safer, but expensive for one way transit. For flights, try playing around on What you may find is a flight from Dubrovnik to Rome to Athens on two separate legs that you can get for a reasonable price. Still compare with Olympic airlines and other main carriers though.