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How to check if airline has been flying?

After reading another thread on this forum from Pat about her BA flights being canceled, I got to thinking about my upcoming flight. It is not on BA, but of course, with the state of the world, other airlines may be canceling and changing flights as well. I want to check if Qatar or Emirates has been flying our upcoming route. How do I do this?

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You could go on your departing airport website and look up the flight under departures (by airline, flight number, and time). The only downside of that approach is it's only good for today since the departures screen doesn't show past or future flights, only current.

I don't know how to check historical data, say over the current month (Aug 1 - today) - maybe someone else out there knows?

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I check status on each of my flights every day. Now that I've got a little post-it with my four flight numbers, it just takes me a minute each day to see if the last day's flight left. Flight status for is all I do.

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FlightAware has historical info. There’s another site I’ve used, I’ll update this post when I find it.

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Plug the airline+flight number in to, you can see when the last flights were.
And I see I was too slow to type this.

Typo corrected.

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thank you! flight aware had the info I needed! Thankfully, it looks like the flight has been flying everyday!