How safe is Cesky Krumlov

We are visiting Cesky Krumlov in June but am worried about theft of a rental car. The rental compamy wants a higher rate to go there. I read somewhere there is a pretty high risk. We are staying in the old city. How safe is it? Also, any suggestions about the most scenic drive to Munich or place of beauty or interest for two-three hour visit? Thanks in advance! Bob

Posted by Agnes
Alexandria, VA, USA
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Isn't that what insurance is for? I'm not sure how a rental company would know that you went to Cesky Krumlov and set their prices accordingly. Do you mean they charge extra to cross the border into the Czech Republic? That's a different matter than Cesky being safe or not safe..if the cost is excessive, why not get there using alternative means (bus)?

Posted by David
Florence, AL, USA
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I hate to tell you, but rental cars often have GPS senders in them. Whenever you cross into forbidden territory, they know. And if you don't return the car, they can find you. I think the whole thing is that traveling "in the East" is higher risk than traveling in Western Europe. And their laws are much different than Germany, Austria and Italy. It would be like our taking a U.S. rental car into Canadait's okay. But try to take a U.S. rental car into Mexicoit's taboo due to bad laws and governmental corruption.
Sometimes trains are better when taking a journey to C/K and Prague. If you want to see the countryside, they have CZ rental cars available there.

Posted by Alex
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I would take the train. Tripadvisor has many postings about the pitfalls of taking a rental car into the Czech Republic. The risk factor is more for car theft rather than your personal safety in the city.

Posted by Ilja
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Czech Republic is not Wild East. To put things into proportion: I have never had a car stolen in C.R. (rented there more than 10 times). Neither my friends. On the other hand my nephew had his car stolen in Seattle twice in one year. And that happened in a nice neighborhood - Queen Anne.

Posted by Kurt
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We have gone to the Czech Republic from both Austria (direction Linz) and Germany (direction Hof) and once you hit that border there's no doubt things have changed. Roadside stands selling cheap liquor and cigarettes (duty free?) fireworks, and lots of "ladies" just standing around. Even knock-off garden gnomes (a favorite of German gardens.) To say there are no scenic routes would be unfair. The countryside and some of the older architecture is very interesting. This area is Bohemia, once part of the Hapsburg's territory. One suggestion would be spa towns – Karlovy Vary, Františkovy Lázn?, Mariánské Lázn?, - or Karlsbad, Marienbad and Franzensbad in German.