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How long to plan on getting from Positano or Sorrento to get to Naples Airport

We will be traveling to Italy in mid June and staying in either Sorrento or Positano for 3 nights. (suggestions on location or hotels welcomed!) we will be arriving in from Pompeii on a Tuesday afternoon and flying from Naples airport to Zurich Switzerland on friday. Our morning flight leaves for Zurich at 9:20am. Since it is an early flight, it looks like we will need to get a private car service from either location. How long ahead should we leave either town to be safe and is it just as straight forward to get to the airport from either location? Anything we should be aware of ?

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You need to be at the airport two hours before the flight, and Sorrento is about an hours drive toNaples, so I would arrange for the car to pick you up no later than 6 am. Positano is about 15 minutes or so longer, so maybe 5.30 am to allow for the twisty Amalfi coast road.

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Neither Sorrento nor Positano are on the expressway to Capodichino Airport, so travel is not super reliable or speedy. Personally, if I had a 9:30 a.m. departure from Naples, I would spend the evening before in a hotel in Naples, rather than trusting to the variables of travel in the Naples area. I'm not entirely risk averse, but travel from either town seems unnecessarily fraught with possibilities for delays.

Your trip, your choice.

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I would get my hotel reservations fairly quickly, We are going to Sorrento in September and I was surprised how many places have filled up with reservations because everyone is anxious to start traveling again.

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Thank you for the suggestions! we are looking into hotels now but trying to decide if staying in Sorrento or Positano would be best. both seem to have advantages and disadvantages! Hope to decide this week!