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How do we keep the obnoxious people off the plane?

In response to Nancy of Corvallis' recent question on another thread, I propose a quiz for potential passengers. My fantasy quiz:

  1. When you drink, do you randomly shout, "All right, it's party time!" (men) or "Woo hoo!" (women)?
  2. Have you recently ridden a jet ski and purposely sprayed people with water?
  3. Have you ever seriously uttered the words "Do you realize who I am?"

Any others?

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-- Is your "carry-on" bag the size and weight of a (not so) small child?

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"Oh darn, why are the luggage bins up there?" This combined with a furtive scan of nearby passengers hoping to find someone to help when the too heavy luggage should have been checked in the first place.

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I'll have to supplement Bruce's response, "what part of the one piece of carry-on luggage rule did you not understand?"

With regards to the people (and there are lots on any given flight), that interpret the one-carry on rule to mean:

  1. The actual carry-on roller suit case in the allowed size


  1. A backpack that's as big or perhaps even bigger than the carry-on roller suit case (and just because it's on your back doesn't mean it doesn't contribute to your total number of carry-on bags)
  2. A HUGE hand bag that wouldn't even fit under the seat.
  3. A laptop case that is big enough to hold many other things and is the size of another piece of luggage itself.
  4. If they are on their way home, one or more shopping bags filled to the brim with souvenirs they just bought at the airport that day.
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Good one Steven! Love it! And unfortunately how true.

And it's not only the excess carryon bags that make people obnoxious. Some people just seem to think they are entitled to something more than the rest of we 'peons' and are very vocal about it.

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What do you mean you have to remove your shoes to go through security?


I have to remove all my jewelry to go through metel detectors?

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Do you understand the concept that the armrest is shared with your seat partner and that you may not spread your legs or other body parts into the area for the adjoining seat?

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Have you ever said to anyone Here, hold my beer (stolen from Jeff Foxworthy).

Do you realize there are probably 30 other people who want to use the lavatory before we land, so you could please hurry up with your shaving, showering, doing a complete change of clothes, putting out a wash and whatever else you are doing in there for 20 minutes?

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Great posting, Karen!

Here's some that are, unfortunately, first hand-experience:
Do you purchase cologne by the case?
Do you enjoy reading other people's books by lowering your seat back into their face?
Do you save money not purchasing more legroom and then compensate by storing your feet in the leg space of the person in front of you?
Is your "travel pillow" a King-size bed pillow?

Your topic reminded me some funny Brian Regan comedy routines (can view on You Tube) with a few of these lines: Brian: I would last about 8 seconds at that job (flight attendant), I'd just get up there- Does that look like it's gonna fit?! You have this much room, you have a dead yak! Or, how impatient everyone is to board the plane. What everyone interprets the gate attendant saying through the intercom is, "Everybody up, and rush the door. Everyone, immediately try to squish simultaneously in the small gate door area. Hurry, push and shove everyone, push and shove. Do whatever you have to do to get on board!

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Obnoxiousness is in the eye of the beholder, as is selfrightiousness.

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Do you bring a four-year-old on the plane without any toys for her and then sleep for the whole flight without bothering to entertain your child?

Do you push your feet into the back of the seat in front of you for most of the flight?

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Do you make unkind remarks about the size of others, and imply that you are morally superior to them?

Do you keep most of your items needed during the flight in your suitcase, requiring you to constantly open it up in the overhead bin?

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Too much carry-on luggage is the fault of the airlines. They have rules but refuse to enforce them. Some other grievances mentioned here : Yes , they are unpleasant but I remind myself that I may have been annoying at times w.o realizing it . To focus on them bothers you a lot so try not to. No different from people at grocery stores who did not know they had to pay for it and start digging for their wallet when everything is already bagged. Life is that way wherever you go.

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My daughter calls dealing with the obnoxious behavior of people whether on planes, in stores, on the road, etc "character building experiences" (CBEs). There is no bigger CBE than being held captive on a long flight with some bozos who don't know how to behave in public.

And, by the way, this thread was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, not serious. Lighten up everybody!

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ahhhhh....someone mentioned the reclining seat back issue, I mean, debate. Of all the online news, reports, arguments I've read, there just doesn't seem to be a definite answer on this one. Which is why, for a trip to HK later this year in November, I booked my tickets way back in January just so I could get first dibs at securing an exit row seat with no one in front of me. It cost $100+ extra (this is on Singapore Airlines), which to me is a huge bargain for 1.) not having to worry about a seat back in my face, 2.) being able to get in/out of my seat w/o stepping over someone and vice versa and 3.) being in control of how much to recline or perhaps not recline at all if the person behind me is 7ft tall. Freedom to move and freedom to choose....priceless.

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That New Yorker cartoon is way inaccurate. When did anybody see an aisle that wide? My experience is that it is a ONE person aisle. If two wish to pass it is either back to back or front to front. No way all those bags could fit in the aisle and anybody get past them.

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Does your choral group really need one more practice session on the plane while everyone else is trying to sleep?