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Holiday travel? Good luck

According to an article in today's WSJ, there's a rush of people trying to travel over the holidays this year and things are getting frantic. Book now so you have something in hand, suggests one travel agent, and another says to hop on this yesterday. Expect to spend more on lodging, and keep your travel simple. And no travel during Christmas week.

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Phred, according to a (frustrated) grocery store manager I chatted with a couple of days ago, it's not just holiday travel that could be frantic. He said that laying hands on many of the popular ingredients for holiday feasts could be a no-go if one waits too long. "Buy now!" said he, 'cuz he'd had it up to here with supply-chain failures.

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Or avoid all that tension and frustration and pretend it’s xmas 2020. Stay home.

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So, counter to the old song, apparently “There’s no place like (away from) home for the holidays?!?

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Of course, for many people holiday travel is going home to your family/place of origin. (Wednesday before Thanksgiving!)
And your cross-country Christmas gifts should be in the mail already.

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"And your cross-country Christmas gifts should be in the mail already."
Yikes, I better get going.

Thanks phred. My husband had suggested we hop on a plane to London for Christmas. Now I think we'd better give it up and plan a trip for next spring instead!

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As Rick Steves says"If I can't have Eggnog this year I'll enjoy it even more next year". Point is if travel will be hectic this holiday season we can save up and go next year and pull together all of our budgets from the past 24 months into a grand trip. First Class Rail Pass sure no problem. A 4 star Hotel in central Paris sure lets do it.

Premium Economy or Business Class we can afford it one way in Business and one way in Premium Economy.

Point is we have to look at Europe as the glass half full! I am planning to go next summer. Next June is not 24 months away thak god.

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Supply chain problems outside the U.S as well. I arrived in London yesterday and had to go to four markets to find some bottled water.

The manager of my hotel, who I have known for years, told me she recently ordered shampoo for the rooms and was told she'll get it in Decenber.