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Help With Itinerary: Am I Crazy

Everyone is so helpful and I am having some problems with what I thought was an easy chore so I could use some help. Two of us are starting in Krakow and we wish to take a night train to Budapest in a sleeper for two.We will stay a few days then we will go from Budapest to Salzburg and stay. Then from Salzburg to Frankfurt. All of the web locations and even by calling some of the pass providers they tell me we are best buying a 5 day eastern europe pass and a german 4 day pass, then buy the pass holders supplement for the double sleeper and a few seat reservations on the busy day trains. They claim it is cheaper than individual seats and it offers the ability with a pass to take some side trips and to get on and off on say the way to frankfurt from Salzburg.Although it sounds crazy to buy passes and not use all the days, my checking seems to agree with them but then I say that can not be right.Can someone give me a sanity check and some help

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I can't seem to find anywhere that lists prices for Krakow-Budapest, but on the DB site it looks like the walk-up one-way price for Budapest-Salzburg is 71.60. Salzburg-Frankfurt has a walk-up price of 83.00-98.00 depending on the train type but offers prebooking discount fares.

For side-trips on local trains in Bavaria, consider the Bayern-ticket. It's 27 euros per day for all local trains/transit in Bavaria (and Salzburg is considered part of Bavaria).

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Thanks for the input but it still looks like railpasses may be best and buy ing the all night supplements for the overnight train. any other thoughts would be appreciated

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General rule of theumb is that rail passes, save for Eastern Europe sometimes, are the best option. Even if you don't use a few days and lose $100, it is sooo worth it for the peace of mind, no standing in lines, and reduces stress on your trip.


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So far you have identified only three days of travel, Krakow-Budapest, Budapest-Salzburg, Salzburg-Frankfurt. And, they're telling you to buy 9 days of railpasses?! Boy, did they see you coming!

I won't address the eastern Europe pass, but you definitely DON'T need a 4 day German Rail pass at $215 pP. Depending on the day and how far in advance you book, you can go from Salzburg to Frankfurt on express trains for as low as €29 (less than $50). If you are willing to take slower regional trains, you can even make the trip for just over €20 each.

My advice is to tell them to get their hands out of your pockets! Better yet, don't ever talk to them again, at all.

Before you get conned into this "ability to take some side trip" BS, sit down and figure out just how many extra days you would really need. And remember, in Germany, these side trips can be done for a whole lot less than $50/day.