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HELP with Euro Rail

I am going to Europe on our honeymoon and I am not quite sure how the Euro Rail works as well as pricing. We are flying into Munich (we will rent a car and travel around the romantic road and such) and then we would like to stop a day in Switzerland, then on to Genoa to Cinque Terre to Florence than we will end in Paris for the last week then head home. Does anyone have any pointers? We were going to drive to Genoa from Munich but there is an international drop fee of 600$!!!!

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Read and study Rick's infomation on the Eurail Passes. Then reread and study more.

Once you have your itinerary down go to this site and enter your cities in chronological order. Be sure to use the correct spelling of the cities. It will tell you which if any pass you may need.

Then speak to someone at Rick Steves' and purchase your ticket. They are the best at advising on Eurail Passes.

1st get your itinerary down.

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Those drop fees can be really expensive, so we use our Eurail pass from Country to country and only rent a car for day trips or real discovery. We like night trains for large moves as we don't use our sight seeing time. Why not do Germany, hop a train to Zurich and rent a car there for Switzerland, then train to Italy and rent another car there. Since you already know about the drop fee you know you can do better by renting 3 cars than driving the one and it will give you more time to just cruise without the worry of where you are going. BTW, we are using Enterprise in Germany (not available in the other countries) which is decidedly cheaper than anyone else we have found. Have a great honeymoon!

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Thanks Linda. Sounds like a good idea. We really want to have freedom and not be tied down. Thanks for the advice. Do you have a suggestion for which eurail pass we should look into?