<Help>Which US airport to transfer to Paris?

Hi, can someone recommond which of the following airport has the easiest transfer to flights to Paris? (Yes, I know there is direct flight from Seattle to Paris)

TO: (This is the second connection flight from Seattle to Paris)

-Cincinnati, OH (CVG): 54m (Time between flights)

-Salt Lake City, UT (SLC): 41m

-Atlanta, GA (ATL): 1h

-New York, NY (JFK): 2h 10m

New York, NY (JFK): 1h 45m

Will 1h 45m in JFK be enough time to go through the custom and recheck in our luggages?


Posted by Kalee
Washington, MO, USA
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It kind of depends on if you have to change terminals at the airport on the way there. When I have to change terminals, I always prefer at least 2 hours between flights. Even without changing terminals, I wouldn't want less than an hour in case my first flight was late. On the way back with going through customs, 1:45 minutes might be okay, but to be safe, I always have at least a full two hours. I wouldn't want to try for 1:45 in JFK.

Posted by Ilja
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There is also direct nonstop flight between Seattle and Paris on Air France.