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Help w/itinerary Prague, Croatia, and Greece

Mom plus 17 and 18 yr. olds going from Prague arriving 7/26 returning from Athens on 8/23. I need help w/itinerary in between. We were not planning on going to Vienna but want to spend time in Croatia & Greek Islands. I would like to go to Krakow to see Aucshwitz. Need help with an itinerary, how long stay in each place and the modes of transportation to each?

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Toni, Prague to Krakow is either 7 hours by direct day train or 9 hrs by direct night train. For flights from Krakow to Croatia check,, etc.

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We will be in Croatia July 24-July 31. We are winging it most likely but since you want to go up north, you should stay around the Pula/Krk etc. area..the transportation is slow and it takes a long time to get around. Wouldn't it be a trip if we met up? We are Michele (40 on the 24th of July), a school teacher/counselor/server and Kevin (37) a digital cartographer for an environmental firm/ski&snowboard instructor. And if you are from California and not New Mexico, did I just email you?? Anwyay, I think private homes are our best bet and am looking forward to being accosted by people as I get off the train. I did that in Barcelona and stayed at a lovely home of an ancient old was the best.