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Help understanding pricing on

I'm trying to interpret the pricing for the train from Copenhagen to Stockholm. For a random date, for one person in 2nd class, the site shows the price as 1 104 and a booking fee of 43.

For two persons, the price is shown as 2 208 with a booking fee of 86.

My currency converter indicates 1 104 Swedish Krona is $103.33 US dollars

Is this interpretation correct? (I'm sure it's in a guidebook but I don't have one handy)


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On one random date I chose (11 Jan), prices started at 195 SEK - different trains had different prices so you seem to have found very expensive fares. What date are you looking at?

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I'm not traveling until next September but that seems to be too far out to get fare info. The random date I selected was in December.

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Well, "buying" just one month in advance, and around the holidays, does suggest that you're finding relatively expensive tickets (as the cheaper tickets will already have been sold).

On the other hand, things in Sweden aren't inexpensive ever, as a general rule.

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I'm not sure how much there is to interpret, if SJ shows the price as 1104 kr, then the price is 1104 kr. Or 2208 kr for two.

But, SJ uses variable pricing so the cost of a ticket varies according to how popular the departure is. As mentioned the Copenhagen-Stockholm trains usually start at 195 kr, and if you are looking at december tickets now they will be expensive.