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Help! Need to get from Paris to London in the next 24 hours.

Any advice on how to get two passengers from Paris to London in a day? We thought we would be able to purchase an inexpensive ticket for the train, but this is surely not the case. The buses are fully ms flights are costly. Any other alternatives that we do not know of? Thank you!

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Take train to Calais, ferry from there to Dover or elsewhere in England, then a train to London. You may need a taxi in Calais to reach the ferry. I would check in Paris for a website describing the possibilities. Or get more info at the rail station, SNCF, or at a SNCF Boutique in Paris. However, the boutiques may be closed on Saturdays.

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I think you can get the info you need at It's not cheap or quick going train-ferry-train, but you should be able to make that route work for you. Good luck!

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Just turn up at Gare du Nord, with luggage and passports, and buy a ticket for the next train to London.
You posted at 6pm French time Saturday, it is now 7pm. The last departure is 20:13 on a Saturday, I don't think you can make that.
The first departure is 08:13 on Sunday, so plan to be at Gare du Nord as early as possible.
Timetable here:

It won't be cheap (full fare is £174 one way), but you did not ask for cheap, you asked to get there ASAP.
This is the quickest option, and no way you can get cheap if you have to be there in 24 hours.

Hi All,

Thank you for your replies. One of you mentioned Megabus and that is much cheaper than all of the other options. The ride will be longer at 8 hours but so much more affordable. Thank you all for your help. Has anybody navigated from the metro Porte Maillot stop to Porte Maillot Coach Park?

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Your original post indicated that buses were not an option because they were " fully" (sic). Thus all the suggestions for the ferry.

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Other side of the Palais de Congres from the RER station, next to the Periphique.

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If you aren’t already on the bus ;-) ...

After exiting the metro car at Porte Maillot, follow the signs to 'Palais des Congrès' SORTIE (exit). From looking at the front of the Palais des Congrès, walk to your left to the side of the building. Take the first marked crosswalk to the traffic island (actually, an automobile traffic tunnel). Follow signs to 'Aeroport Beauvais' to Coach Maillot Coach Park. It's just across the side street from the large Palais des Congrès building.

I don't know if this link will work, but the buses are at the green triangle at the top center of this map.Cross the street at the crosswalk immediately to the right of the blue 'P' parking icon at the bottom of the green triangle/bus park.

FWIW, you can buy very inexpensive EuroStar train tickets between London and the Continent by purchasing them online 3 (or perhaps 6?) months in advance. Walk up fares...well, you've found out how expensive they are :-(

Hope your enjoy your trip!

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