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Help! How to get to Fussen, Germany

How do I get to Fussen, or nearby to see Neuswanstein Castle? I am considering taking a day trip tour out of Munich, because it is easier. I can't find Fussen on, does it have a different spelling? I will be coming from Venice on a night train and I know I can get to Munich from Venice, but then I'd have to back track to get near the Castle, but I can't figure out how. Help! Thanks!

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Jenny, the easy and simple solution to visiting Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles is to take a day tour out of Munich. I used Radius Tours and they took care of all the transportation and castle admissions. However, the actual tour inside the Castle is conducted by Guides employed by the Castle.

Radius has an office in the Munich train station (check their web site for costs and details). It's a bit difficult to find at first, but no problem once you know the location. If you plan on taking one of their tours, I'd strongly recommend booking as soon as you know which dates you'll be there. I was there in September, and the tours booked-up really quickly.

Happy travels!!!

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Once you spell Füssen correctly, you should find schedules on for the trip. It will take about 2 hours, all on regional trains.

If you are traveling on a railpass, it will cover your travel to Füssen. When you arrive in the Munich Hbf, check the departure board for the next train to Füssen. It will leave on one of the tracks (27-36) of the Starnberger Flügelbahnhof (wing station). The Starnberger station is attached to the north side of the Hbf (right side as you look out at the tracks from the cross-connecting platform. The tracks are not visible from the main part of the station; you have to go through a large doorway in the north wall.

When you get to Füssen, go to the bus stops on the far side of the parking lot on the other side of the station building. The buses to Hohenschwangau, site of Neuschwanstein, leave from bus stop 2. I'm not sure if you railpass will cover the bus, or not.

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If you are not using a railpass, you will need tickets to Füssen and return. Your best deal is a Bayern-Ticket, which is an all day pass for the regional trains in Bavaria. It costs €27 for up to five people traveling together.

If you arrive on a weekend, you can use the Bayern-Ticket anytime. On a weekday, you have to wait until 9 AM. The first train out after 9 leave the Hbf at 9:51 and gets to Füssen at 11:55. If you want to get to Füssen an hour earlier, you can leave on the 8:52 train. You just need to get, in addition, two local tickets to Geltendorf for €6,60 per person. That will allow you to ride the train until 9 AM, when you can use the Bayern-Ticket. When you get to Füssen, the Bayern-Ticket will also cover the bus to Hohenschwangau.

The Bayern-Ticket will cover return travel to Munich as late as the 22:22 train from Füssen.