Help....Best airline/train

I am beginning to plan a trip to Europe in September of 2013 and am looking at my best options for airfare within Europe and suggestions for train passes vs buying individual point to point tickets. We found a great deal for plane tickets to Dublin from Minneapolis for only 800$/person (where we have a wedding), but also am looking at visiting London, Paris, Rome, and Venice. We might also add Munich or somewhere in Switzerland to the itinerary as well. Any help would be appreciated on the best airlines to get us from Dublin to our first destination (probably London) and from our last destination back to Dublin to go home. Also, any suggestions on what train pass to get and/or what the best itinerary would be.

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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How much time do you have for this trip? You are planning to cover a lot of ground so I hope you have at least 3 weeks to do it.

Posted by George
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Check out all your train questions. We learned how to travel across Europe by train for the cheapest prices. The website made it very easy. Go to, type in London forum or Dublin forum and ask which airline to use. Lots of experts there with info about cheap flights like on Ryan Air.

Posted by Frank
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You are covering a lot ground especially if you get to Rome or Venice. I would encourage the use of an open jaw ticket as being cheaper in the long run when the consider the cost of return to Dublin. We found that if the travel time is around six hours then it is generally more convenient to use a train. Do need more details of what you are planning.

Posted by Bob
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Hi Tanya. Generally train passes are a hassle and not a good value. For train trips, buy individual tix from specific train sites (, 120 days in advance if possible for big discounts. For flights, check Expedia, skyscanner and whichbudget websites. Most of all, get the Rick Steves book 'Europe thru the Back Door'. It will answer all these questions and hundreds more, and make your trip and planning more fun and productive. Enjoy your trip!

Posted by Tanya
Rochester, Mn, Usa
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Thanks for the feedback so far! I was hoping to do an open-jaw flight initially, but with the wedding we are now going to we decided to book the cheap flight we found. I know now it might not be a savings in the end...especially the time we will lose. I have bought Rick Steve's book and will review it again. This is our first time going to Europe and were hoping to get a good taste of several places. We plan on spending about 3 days in each place. I am just trying to narrow down my choices. We for sure want to see London, Paris, and Rome...but we are having a problem deciding if we want to see Switzerland, Venice, Vienna or Munich. So, buying individual train tickets is the best option? We will be in Europe about 3 weeks. Keep the suggestions and advice coming! Thanks again everyone!

Posted by Sasha
Bainbridge Island
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OK, three weeks is good. Fly into Dublin(spend a few days.?). Fly to London, Eurostar train to Paris. Paris to various points in Switzerland is only about 4 hours so you could go on your way to Rome. After Rome, train to Venice and fly back from there OR, if you still have time left, train Venice to Munich and fly to Dublin from there. No train pass, it will be much cheaper to buy discount tickets in advance for the Eurostar, Paris to Basel, Switzerland. Into Italy, and within Italy ( super Econ fares as low as 9 euros for fast direct trains).