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Heathrow - Stansted

Ok, so I fly into London Heathrow at 7:30am and I need to make it to Stansted for a Ryanair flight at 5:15pm (so basically I have to be there by 3:00pm). A coach costs 21 pounds. I know that's not considerably pricey, but in the spirit of being a rock-bottom budget traveler, I'd love to find a cheaper way. Normally I would just wing it and see when I got there, but with my time frame I'd like to know where I'm heading in advance. Any suggestions?

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You will not find a cheaper way. The only alrenative is a train into cental London on the Heathrow Express to Paddington Station £14.50 single (15 mins journey time) You then need train from Liverpool St station to Stansted £15 single (35 mins journey time) This way you could have a few hours shopping in London. Where are you headed to with Ryanair?

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There are several cheaper ways, all combining taking the Tube to London and a variety of different bus lines from there to Stansted.

Here is the cheapest of all. Buy a one-day, zone 1-6 travelcard. £13.80 for all hours. £7.00 after 09:30 on weekdays and anytime on weekends. Take the Tube to Victoria Station and store your luggage there. Explore a bit of London. Take the easyBus from near Victoria coach station to Stansted. If booked well in advance at, fares are as low as £2.00.

If you want to spend even less, buy a single ticket from Heathrow to Victoria Station (£4.00, transfers included). Store your luggage. Explore on foot. Several landmarks are within easy walking distance. Take the easyBus to Stansted.

For a two-page map that shows Tube routes on one side and central London bus routes with the location of tourist attractions on the other side, go here:

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Thanks guys, that helped a lot actually. I suppose I should've added that I have 4 days in London at the end of my trip, so the first time around my biggest concern is getting from airport to airport.

Sean: My Ryanair flight is to Rome, from there I'll be taking a month to explore (mostly) Eastern Europe. At the end of my trip I'll be spending 3 days in Dublin and 4 in London before flying home.