Heathrow Luggage storeage service

Has anyone used the luggage storage service at the Heathrow Airport terminal 5? I would like to know what your experience is with them.
Thank you

Posted by Lesley
Sidney, BC, Canada
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Not used the one at Terminal 5 but have used them at the other terminals. Very efficient but not very cheap. Your suitcase(s) will probably go through a scanner (for security reasons. The Heathrow website will probably give you
information on costs.

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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For detailed information on left luggage services see this page on the official Heathrow site.

Posted by Claudette
huntington beach, ca, usa
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Yes I have back in 2010. It was £8 for a 24 hr period back then. Its located right by the tube stop in Terminal 5. My only complaint was getting behind 2 people that were checking in like 5 pieces of luggage each. They took forever! Other than that, it was very convenient. London was our last stop in a 2 week trip so we didnt want to lug all our dirty clothes with us so we each checked in our suitcase and had all we needed for our two night stay in our carry on bag.

Posted by Debbie
Brentwood, USA
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