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I am arriving at the Heathrow Airport. I planning on staying in London for 3-4 days. After that I am heading to Paris by train. I have the option of staying in Crouch End while in London. My main purpose is go to the sightseeing/highlights in London. So my question is : Is Crouch End a good place to stay? I am staying with a couple who offer a bb for 80-100 per night. PLEASE help. I need to know soon before booking my stay. Your help will be greatly appreciated. And any places to stay as well. I don't mind if we have to travel from airport for about 45 by train to get to Crouch end if it's on the way to Paris anyway. Of course I need to consider traveling expenses from Crouch End to Central London. So any advice on how to best get around would also be appreciate it. Would it be best to buy pass? thanks

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It would help to know the name of the road. Transport links are OK, but aren't actually in Crouch Hill - look on the map and you will see it is bordered on all sides by Tube or rail lines, but doesn't have its own station (hence knowing the road name would be useful). I did some contract work years ago just down the road from there in Crouch End, towards Finsbury Park. That isn't so nice, but Crouch Hill is OK, quite gentrified these days. Not exactly central, but not bad - Zone 3 I think, so see this page regarding travel costs: http://www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/14416.aspx

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Rough information only: There's nothing wrong with the area, in fact, it's pretty nice. It's nowhere near where you catch the train to Paris. In fact, you'd probably go by St Pancras and continue north enroute from the airport to Crouch End. To get from the airport to Crouch End might take an hour and a half with a tube-to-bus change somewhere - - probably where ever the Piccadilly Line ends. Getting in to the main sights in London is going to require a bus-bus, or bus-tube ride of about forty-five minutes (each way) with some hiking at the front end to get to the initial station. You need to hive out if robbing an hour and a half out of a touring day is worth the cost in time and money,

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Thank you for your replies. Yes, that is exactly what I needed to know how long it would take me from Crouch End to Central London. If it is about an hour to 90 minutes away from Central London one, then we must look elsewhere. I am trying to find a place to stay using Airbnb, yet with not knowing the neighborhoods its hard. So if you know of a location that meets my needs (affordable/safe/ and on or is on the way to going to Paris please let me know. Thank you.

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We do this kind of thing on occasion and just stay out at the airport. On Hotwire etc. I can usually land a hotel for the two of us for under $90. We raid Mark's & Spencers at the airport for breakfast the next morning or a light dinner at night. The Hoppa (?) Bus to/from airport to hotel is a couple of pounds (maybe more - I forget). Then we train in/out of London on the local (not the Heathrow Express) for two or three days (avoid like the plague rush hour). Last day it's off to the EuroStar and Paris etc. It's just our system and it does eat up a fair amount of time going/coming but we're in no hurry and we've been to London several times before so the pressure is off. London, one of my favorite cities:)

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OK, lots of options, none of them very convenient: The nearest transport 'hub' will be Hornsey Railway station, which is just under a mile away. From there you can get overground trains to Finsbury Park, where you can change to the Piccadilly Line on the Underground, which goes all the way to Heathrow in just over an hour. That overground train ride is only 4 minutes but you can wait 15 minutes for a train and you have to get there in the first place, so that's really not a great idea. It's better to walk for a few minutes to the bus stop on Weston Park and take the W3 bus, which runs every 10 minutes and takes 10 to 15 minutes on average to get to Finsbury Park station. Then it would be the Underground Piccadilly Line to central London (15 minutes to Leicester Square) or from Heathrow (over an hour). This is how I used to get to Crouch End. A short walk from Inderwick Road is Tottenham Lane, where you can get a 91 bus that goes all the way to Trafalgar Square, but that takes about an hour. Crouch Hill station is closer, but it is only on the new London Overground line, which doesn't offer any alternative routes from Heathrow or to central London.