Has anyone bought a railpass from Deutsche Bahn direct?

I've looked at the prices of the German Railpasses; they seem to be less than the RS-sold German railpasses, using current exchange rates. I'm guessing the difference is the shipping cost. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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I may be mistaken, but I think ETBD railpass prices are set for the year (don't fluctuate with the market). So with today's exchange rate, they're off by $5-25 or so in US dollars. Funny - when I follow the link to the German railpass site from Deutsche Bahn, the price is in US (or CAN or AUS) and is $5-$25 more...! If you buy from ETBD, you get extra goodies! <20%> shopping spree in the travel store, maps and skeds, etc. Delivery is within 5 days.

Posted by Hille
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Wherever it was that I looked, it was in Euros, not USD. And then I used a 1.35 exchange rate, and it was about $25 less. But I figured that would be the shipping. Just wondered if anyone had ever bought a pass from DB.

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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I've bought all my passes direct from DB, delivery in the US was surprisingly fast, less than 10 days. If it's cheaper to buy that way, I would have no hesitation about doing so.