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Happy birthday!

Today is apparently 20 years since Mark Smith, known as The Man in Seat 61, registered the domain

A lot has happened since then and the internet is a very different place today compared to what it was then, but this is still the best guide to train travel there is, not only in Europe. If you have any questions about how tickets machines work, when you should buy tickets, what service there is, or any other train related question, you can probably find an answer at

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Badger, Thanks for posting. I have used this helpful resource over the years. Wow, 20 years!

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Very useful site. Glad to have it accessible, though I will admit that even pre covid it needed a little updating.
How much fixing it might be for him to do the research needed for post covid reality.

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I just love his site and everything he does. I need to make a contribution to his PayPal or whatever. He provides SUCH good information.

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A wonderful milestone. I’m always impressed with his relevant and helpful information. We always have a little toast to “61” if we happen to score one of his special window seats for 2. Hope to see it around for another 20+ years! We recommend to friends and family often. Congratulations!

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1131 posts is one of the most useful website regarding international travel with an emphasis on train travel. We've also used that site for ferry information worldwide. Thanks to seat 61, after arriving in London Heathrow we took the ferry from Portsmouth to Quistreham, FR and then a short bus ride to Caen to fetch our hired automobile for touring Normandy and Brittany. We also learned how to select our seats on various trains from the Eurostar to the delightful trip from Paris to Monaco.

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Remarkable travel web site. Happy website anniversary Seat 61.

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I wonder if the original seat #61 was in a compartment of six seats, closed off from the aisle running along the side of the train car, with more compartments? Twenty years ago wasn’t exactly the days of steam engines, recalling the Orient Express, but trains designs and some velocities have changed a lot in the past 2 decades.

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He has also made a ton of train videos available on Youtube, he usually travels with his wife and kids and if you watch in a certain order you can see them growing up.

Paul Lucas also has a lot of train videos, although his first love is air travel.