Good Rule of Thumb: Double check train reservations on DB Bahn

A word to the wise...we just double checked our various train reservations for European travel in August on the DB Bahn website and learned that one of our train reservations, the leg from Berlin to Amsterdam that we made and confirmed two months ago, no longer existed! The elimination of our scheduled train was the result of repairs (from flooding in June) that still must be made. A call to RailEurope, through whom we made our rail reservations, resulted in a new booking, at an additional charge. And we learned RailEurope does not call you to let you know of a change in your reservations. It is up to the customer to stay on top of any changes. So, pull up the DB Bahn website for the most up-to-date and reliable rail time tables and information, and double check your rail reservations before leaving home!

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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I posted about this back on 2 July, but it didn't get a lot of notice. If you had made your train reservations with the Deutsche Bahn, they would have changed your train with no extra charge. That said, they also did not let me know that my train was no longer leaving at the time I had booked it, which is why I posted that one should always check the DB website to see if times or trains are changed. Using RailEurope isn't usually recommended. You just provided another good reason why.

Posted by Sue
Sebring, Fl
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Thanks, Jo. Didn't see your earlier post, but certainly do appreciate your comments. We have used RailEurope in the past and never have had any problems with our bookings. Once we return from our trip, I will attempt to obtain a refund for our ticket that became unusable. Fortunately, we are only looking at $26. On another note, I have been reading your posts about Berlin, one of the cities we are visiting. The restaurants you posted are on my list! Thanks, again!