Going to Pompeii.

I want to get to Pompeii from Naples. What is the easiest way? How long can one spend visiting the ruins and will I have enough time to get back to Rome's Termini station all in one day?

Posted by Agnes
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You'd be better off using Naples (or nearby) as your base. It takes about 3 hours (from what I remember) to get from Rome to Naples, and then you have to ride a local train for another 45 min - hour. So that's almost 8 hours just on transport. You need at least 3 hours (if not half day) at the site. You can do anything, but it will be one long day.

Posted by David
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yes using Naples or Sorrento is better than Rome, it's too time consuming if you stay in Rome. the ruin is bigger than I expected. when I visited it, I arrived early but I had to leave in the early afternoon to see the archeology museum in naples, and I felt I didn't fully enjoy the site - if you rush you won't be able to get as much as you could out of the trip.

Posted by Bob
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We based ourselves in Sorrento, and found it easy to get to Pompeii. We had a full day at Pompeii and wished for more time.

Posted by Roberto
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I've done a day trip from Rome to Pompeii even before the high speed rail was finished, therefore now it's even faster. The train trip from Rome to Naples varies depending on the type of train, but with a Freccia high speed it's only exactly 70 minutes. Once at Napoli Centrale station, you need to catch the CircumVesuviana commuter train downstairs in the underground station. The CircumVesuviana train goes all the way to Sorrento, but you will get off earlier at Pompeii Scavi (about 45 min ride) The archeological site is practically across from the Circumvesuviana Pompeii Scavi station. If you plan it carefully you can be at Pompeii from Rome in just a couple of hours, or little more. How much you want to spend is up to you, but half day (3 or 4 hours) I think provides a sufficient length of time to see most of the main sights of the Pompeii excavations. The last high speed freccia train back to Rome departs from Naples at 7:30pm, but there is also a slower regionale as late as 8:33pm. If u leave early from Rome in the morning you might have time for a quick taxi tour of Naples on the way back before you board the Freccia train back to Rome. Train schedule to Naples here: Www.trenitalia.com Train schedule for Circumvesuviana commuter train here:

Posted by Ken
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Christopher, I'm not entirely clear on whether you're staying in Naples prior to Pompeii, or travelling from Rome on a day trip? In either case, the travel method will be the same. At Napoli Centrale, walk down to the lower part of the station and buy tickets for the Circumvesuviana train (they're cheap) from Naples to Pompeii Scavi station (it's on the line to Sorrento). The trip will be about an hour. Be sure to wear a Money Belt and be vigilant for pickpockets and scammers (the Circumvesuviana has a bit of a "reputation"). Walk to the Pompeii site and pay for admission. You may be approached by local tour guides at the entrance offering their services, and you could consider that depending on your budget. At the conclusion of your visit, take the Circumvesuviana back to Napoli Centrale, walk upstairs and take the Freccia train back to Roma Termini. You can pre-purchase the ticket for that to save time. Since the ticket will be specific to a particular train and departure time, be sure you don't miss that train! Happy travels!

Posted by Renee
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Hey, Christopher. We camped in Pompeii, so I can't advise about the trains, but I'd allow at least half a day for the ruins. Can you overnight? Cheers,

Posted by Christopher
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Thanks to all for your tips and information-it was very helpful! I spent a night in Salerno, took almost six hours for the ruins and was home in Rome by 18:30. From Salerno I used the commuter train to Pompei. After that I took the same train going to Naples and the. The one hour, high speed to Rome. Way easier than I expected! Thanks again and cheers!

Posted by Eileen
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WHOA! That was fast! I didn't realize you were going so soon...;-) I really appreciate it when OPs return to their thread and post their experiences! Thanks, Christopher! Glad it worked out so well for you.