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Going through customs in Copenhagen or Stockholm

We are flying SAS from the LAX to Stockholm. We change planes in Copenhagen and have 45 minutes between connecting flights. Will we go through customs in Copenhagen or our destination city Stockholm? We don't have much time between flights. Thanks for your info.

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I suspect this is a 2 ticket trip, as I am unable to find an SAS Los Angeles -Copenhagen- Stockholm routing with less than 3 hr 40 min in Copenhagen.

Is my suspicion correct?

If you have checked bags and separate tickets you are most certainly doomed. With carry on bags and 2 tickets you have a theoretical chance. About the same as the Miami Marlins meeting the Oakland A's in the World Series this year.

If you do have a single ticket for the entire trip, ignore my doom and gloom forecast.

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Of all the places to transit & go though immigration in Europe, I suspect CPH is one of the easiest! You should be fine, as long as it's on a single ticket & the arriving plane is on time. I fly SAS regularly. Just head straight to immigration first, then stop and look at for your gate. If you miss your flight and it's on a single ticket, they need to get you on the next flight. Good luck!

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It is a single ticket and I misread the departure time out of Copenhagen. I misread my ticket. Sure glad to figure that out. Thanks for you help.

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If you miss your flight and it's on a single ticket, they need to get you on the next flight.

Just to clarify...... They must get you on the next AVAILABLE flight. If the next flight is full, they are not going to bump someone off that. The next available one is one with empty seats.

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Correct, the next available flight might not be the next flight. But in this case I would not worry about that, SAS has pretty frequent flights between the Scandinavian capitals and I've been on a flight from Copenhagen to Stockholm that was delayed a bit since we where waiting for connecting passengers from a delayed flight.