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Global Entry Renewal Times.

Spouse applied for renewal on 12 Mar. Received email approval on 14 Mar. Received new card via USPS 25 Mar.

I applied for renewal on 22 May. Received email approval on 24 May. Received new card via USPS 4 June.

Just for info. -- YMMV

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My timeline was about the same earlier this year, it appears that our tax dollars have been at work and the backlogs are unlogged.

My passport renewal also went swimmingly.

However ... those offices are now getting into their busy season so definitely, YMMV.

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It's now 10 1/2 months since I applied for GE renewal.

I found it's just luck of the draw. There is no system in place for appllications and renewals. They are now saying it could take 13-14 months. The delay doesn't mean it's a problem, it just means no one has chosen to review it yet.

I wrote my congressman. I got a response saying it takes them up to nine months to get a response to their inquiry.

CPB allow people who have applied for renewal before their expiration date to use GE up to two years past their renewal date due to the backlog.

What they need to do is stop applications for a month or two and catch up. But it's an election year and they won't do that.