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Global entry interview

Hallelujah! After waiting for 8 months!!, yesterday I received the notification that my Global Entry was approved and now I can make my interview appointment. (I know I won't be able to use it anytime soon, etc, etc). My question is for anyone in the LA or So Cal area - since the first appointment was at the end of September, has anyone tried to just show up at their office and wait to see if someone cancels and they can just walk in?

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My sister-in-law got a quick appointment by scheduling online in November when they were presumably busy with this Global Entry location a mile from LAX. Her midwestern Global Entry attempts at an appointment were all months long waits but at LAX she could get in within a couple of weeks. It is located on the fringe of the airport area.

11099 S La Cienega Blvd Suite #155, Los Angeles, CA 90045

The phone number listed is (310) 642-1425.

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After my interview was scheduled I stopped by the office near LAX to see if I could “drop in”. They told me “no” and then cancelled my interview due to COVID. Interesting to hear they’re now scheduling interviews.

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Frank, thanks for the note that they're closed til July 6, I was wondering. I did make an appointment for September 29, and if by some miracle, I am flying back from London on September 23, I'll try to do the interview as I come back in, as others have mentioned in the past. So, time will tell!

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CBP’s Enrollment on Arrival program will remain operational. Conditionally-approved Global Entry applicants will be able to complete the enrollment process when arriving on an international flight at any of the airports that offer this program.

So you can go on your trip and then complete the process when you return if you can't get an appointment before. Check to see which airports actually offer this option.

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NorCal here.

When I tried to schedule at SFO the first appointment was months out. I finally scheduled anyway with a thought to just hang out and hope for better.


Once you are scheduled you can see the appointments. People cancel all the time. Just go into the website daily and look for cancellations. I only had to wait a couple of days before I got an appointment a few weeks out.