Getting to Maastricht

I am traveling from Columbus, ohio to Maastricht, Netherlands to study for fall semester. It will be my first trip to Europe. Recommenations on what airport (Amsterdam, Brussels, or Dusseldorf) and whether to take a train or use carrier onto Maastricht?

Posted by Kerri
Little Rock, AR, USA
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You are going to love Maastrict! I spent a few weeks studying there at Teikyo University and loved this city. I flew in and out of Amsterdam, but Brussels and Dusseldorf are both great options and just as accessible by train, so if you find a better price on a flight into one of those airports, I'd snag it. If you have any questions about Maastrict or Europe in general feel free to shoot me your questions. Here's a link to my blog, too:

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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The closest major international airport is Brussels, you're not likely to find a flight directly into Dusseldorf from the US. It would probably be easiest to take the train from the airport. I don't know the exact route, but you'll probably have to change trains in Hasselt.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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If you do wind up flying into Amsterdam travel to Maastricht is easy. Take any train into Amsterdam Centraal and change to the hourly inter city which originates in Haarlem and terminates in Maastricht. The train is comfortable older stock, usually, and the journey, whilst long, is pleasant.

Posted by Andre L.
Tilburg, Netherlands
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No need to change trains at Amsterdam Centraal. An hourly train departs from Schiphol underground train station to Heerlen and Maastricht. Just be sure you are on the right carriage so that you don't get to Heerlen. The journey is long (2h10) and it has 5 intermediate stops.

Posted by Marilyn
South Vienna, Ohio, USA
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I found a cheaper airfare into Brussels vs. Amsterdam. Does anyone know anything about the trains from there to Maastricht? How long a trip? Change trains? Approx costs?

Posted by bronwen
maplewood, new jersey, usa
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If you are flying thru Newark look at Continental as they fly direct to Dusseldorf.

Posted by felicia
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My daughter is considering a study abroad opportunity in Maastricht. I'd love to hear any insight from your trip or others who have been there. thanks

Posted by Lee
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You can find trains between any of those cities and Maastricht on the German Rail (Bahn) website. It looks like Brussels is a little closer than the other airports, but I'm not sure about flights from the US to Brussels. I couple of years ago, I had a United flight from Düsseldorf to O'Hare, so I imagine they fly the other way.