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Getting ready to buy my tickets for France and to Belgiun

Can you buy tickets on http://www.tgv-europe for Brussels or do I have to buy them from the Thalys site?

At one time you could just change the FR to UK in the browser and it would give you the english version. has this all changed to the TGV-Europe site?

I want to buy most of my tickets before I leave and pick them up at the train station using my email confirmation along with my credit card.

Some tickets you can print yourself? How does that work?

I would buy all my short trips the day I leave, like from Bruges to Ghent.

If you use the US or Canada you get kicked out to the more expensive site RailEurope site.

Am I on the right track doing this?
Can you book 3 months in advance?
That would give you the best possible rates say from Paris to Avignon? As oppose to buying them say 2 weeks in advance?


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