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Getting mementos and gifts home

So, we are trying to keep our luggage to a carry on each to avoid trouble with switching planes, etc. What about the fabulous gifts and mementos that we collect along the way? What is the best way to get them home? The simple version of our trip is that we will be in the London area for a week, and then flying to Ireland for a week. Thanks again,

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In that case, buy a bag for your purchases and carry those on the plane. Check your carry on bag for the flight home. If you lose your bag, you still have your clothes at home.

I bought some teapots at Antique stores around the British Isles. On the flight home, that was my carry on.

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bring some bubble wrap with you (flat/light) and one of those light weight hide-away foldup duffel bags. Check the duffel with the heavier stuff your not worried about and carry on the other stuff! Or ship it home - but its expensive.

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Each europe trip is a momento candy store opportunity. My first trips resulted in very stuffed heavy luggage. Next was buying extra bags-but hard to carry easily. Finally now just mail it home from where ever. Spendy-yes but reasonable if kept below two kilos. Paperwork simply requires thought, logic, and perhaps one english speaking postal clerk-just ask. Surface is cheaper over air if time is no concern. Never had a lost shipment or broken things-bubble wrap/sturdy tape work. Bite the cost bullet to travel light. larry from springfield.

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I would suggest that you carry-on your luggage on the way over. However on the way back check your luggage and take your souveniers as the carry-on. I did this last fall and nothing broken! I used RS bag that folds up into a small pouch. So it was easy to carry around and then use when I needed to.

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Part of the issue of checking and not checking baggage is that we are flying a budget flight from London to Ireland for the second week of our trip, but going back to London for our flight home. I know the budget flight is going to charge for any extra weight, so I think my plan should be to look for lightweight items in London that I can ship home or put in my carry on. I realize when I look at the small bag I can carry on, I will have to be pretty darn choosy about what I bring so I don't a) have extra weight and b) possibly have room for goodies.