getting from vienna to prague

hi, i'd like to know whether i need a reservation for a train ride from vienna to prague on a certain morning. can we just show up at the train station an hour early in vienna and buy our tickets?

also, is there a cheap way to buy on-the-spot plane tickets from vienna to prague? we fly into vienna in the evening and want to leave for prague the next morning. we'll only fly if the tickets aren't too expensive. would love any advice...thanks!

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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You can easily buy your train tickets at the station. Just be sure you get there early enough that you have time to stand in line. Morning trains to Prague depart at 06:08, 07:32, 10:08, and 11:32. Trains 1 & 3 are direct. Trains 2 & 4 require one change in Breclav. There are no budget airlines that fly the Vienna-Prague route. And "last minute" tickets on any airline, budget or national carrier, are going to be very expensive.