Getting From Jutland, Denmark to Bergen, Norway

Anyone have any experience getting from Denmark up to Bergen? Planning on taking a ferry from the top of Jutland. Should I go to Kristiansomething or Stavanger if I'm headed for Bergen? Should I stay the nite along the way in either of those places. And getting up to Bergen, should I take a bus or is there a train??

Posted by Christophe
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Fjordline sails directly from Hirtshals to Bergen. It's an overnight trip of a duration of 19 hrs, departures are Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If this doesn't fit your plans or if it seems too long, I would recommend flying. There are direct flights from Billund to Bergen with Sun-air (British airway subsidiary). I woud not recommend sailing to another town on the Norwegian coast since getting from there to Bergen is a very long (but beautiful) trip.

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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In that part of Europe ferry always is my first choice because it's both transportation as well as accommodation. For fares you can check with Fjord Line's website as well as with (an online ferry ticket broker/reseller). So to compare ferry with air and hotel I not only count the two fares/rates but also add the cost to get to and from the airports etc.

Posted by Don
San Francisco, California, USA
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thanks to both of you... that's very helpful!