Getting from Italian Riveria to French Riveria

Does anyone know if and what train goes from La Spezia to Nice? And if not how do you get there?

Posted by Kent
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By train. Go to this link click and input those names, input 0700 in time, the date doesn't matter b/c you're just looking for schedules, then click Search and you'll see the schedules.

Posted by Larry
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Sarah, a few trains make this run. It's quite a popular run from Southern France into Italy and vis-a-versa.

CLICK HERE to see what a schedule looks like. It's a 5.5hr.-6.5hr. trip with 1-2 train changes.

Posted by Kate
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We caught a train from Monterrosso (same train would stop in La Spezia)and transferred in Genoa. From Genoa there are direct trains to Nice. Make sure you have plenty of time to make your connection because I noticed that Italian trains are NOT as punctual as other trains!