Getting from Evora to Salema to Porto

We will be staying in Evora for a few days before we travel to Salema for a few days and then up to Porto for the last part of our trip. Is there public transport from city to city? I did find the train information but it looks like the option is go from Evora to Lisbon to Faro to Lagos and then take a bus to Salema ans then to reverse that but go straight up to Porto from Faro? Does anyone know of any direct public transport options? We are trying to avoid rental cars while we are in Portugal. Any info on transport and/or reccomendations in any of the cities would be greatly appreciated! We will also be spending 5 days in Lisbon at the beginning of our adventure. Thank you

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Seriously Kristi, a rental car is the perfect option, especially in Portugal. We found Portugal to be one of the easiest EU countries to drive thru. The freeways are awesome, and our GPS, that we brought from home, did a pretty good job getting us to our destinations. We stayed in Lisbon, Tavira, and Porto, and used the car to visit Salema, etc. We did not need the car in Lisbon, and just parked it and used public transportation. Get some quotes from Autoeurope. Visit their website and play with all of the options.