Getting Cash at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam

We have a long layover in Amsterdam so thought it would be a good time to go to the ATM and get some Euros. We will need a lot for the first part of our trip in Venice so want to find a good machine for the withdrawal. Is there a bank in or near the airport that someone can recommend to us? I've heard that the rates are better with the ATMs at a bank. If getting euros at the airport is a bad idea (rate wise), we could probably wait until we are in Milan - We're staying the night in Milan but we arrive late and take off fairly early the next morning (10 am)
Any suggestions?

Posted by Frank
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What you want to avoid anywhere are private ATMs like TravelEx. Bank owned ATMs at the airport or elsewhere will give the same exchange regardless of location. There is a cluster of 4 ING ATMs near the TI in the main lobby.

Posted by Andrea
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I got my euros in the airport at a bank ATM in Amsterdam. They are not hard to find. Be sure to tell your bank that you will be traveling and where. Don't forget to mention Amsterdam if you plan to use your card there. I tell the bank about any country I might use my card, even layover cities.

Posted by JB
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We landed in A'Dam and went to the ATM there before we left the airport. You may want to up your daily limit for withdrawals. That way you will not have to visit an ATM as often. Slip into a restroom (WC) and put the money in your money belt...other than what you plan to spend that day. If you need more just slip into a WC. I sure to notify your bank of all the countries you will be visiting....the reverify a few days before departure. We also notified our bank of our departure and return dates. Do the same if you intend to use credit cards.

Posted by Brad
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As I recall, Schipol is one that has exchange booths that look like ATM's. If you use one, it will cost you as much as exchanging currency - quite a bit more than using a bank's ATM. You can tell the difference by avoiding machines that have an "EX" in the name (e.g. Travelex) and go for the ones that have "Bank" or "Banc" in the name (e.g. BancOne). If you want to plan ahead, you can locate the nearest ATM, food, and the Rijksmuseum sattelite display: 1. go to 2. click on Facilities and Maps 3. under the Maps dropdown, click on "maps - arrivals" 4. open the interactive version
5. drag cursor over the top portion to display the options, click on "Bank/Change" and on "Cash dispensers" to see flashing icons Your daily limit will come into play. If you need more cash than your bank allows per day, you may need to bring cash and exchange it, order euros from your bank in advance, or open a few travel accounts to multiply your daily limits. Another thing to consider is your own bank's foreign ATM fees. There are a few free options (Charles Schwab comes to mind), many that charge a flat one percent (USAA is mine, but many credit unions and smaller banks match it). Some banks charge as much as a $5 fee PLUS 3 percent of the transaction (Wells Fargo is one. Fees can add up so it's worth shopping banks for the best options.

Posted by Laurie Beth
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The bank ABN AMRO has several branch locations in the airport. There are also ATM machines right next to the bank counters if you prefer that. I love Schiphol Airport. They have great services, shops, and even a branch of the Rijksmuseum. I was just there earlier this month.

Posted by melissa
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You don't need to leave the secure side of Schipol to get to a bank.
Was at Schipol 2 weeks ago, saw three ATMs in a row, one offered pounds, another Euros, another US Dollars- darn convenient to restrooms.

Posted by Kyla
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I love connecting in Amsterdam (well, if you can love non-nonstop flights; it's a very common connection when flying from Detroit to Europe on Delta) because I can get euros from the ATM next to the ABN-AMRO airport bank (bank opens at 6 am every day of the year! even Christmas Day!) and then ask the bank teller for smaller bills. I've done this at least three trips, and they've never given me a hassle. I always feel safer getting cash inside the airport (and I've gotten a good rate by using the ATM), plus then I have small bills for the bus wherever I finally land (which was really handy in Berlin in April). As others cautioned--always make sure you're using a bank ATM and not an exchange booth ATM (very sneaky and sometimes hard to tell).