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Getting a missing TSA PreCheck designation on boarding pass - a tip!

Figured some of the folks here likely fly enough domestically that you’ll find this info useful:

This week I have a biz trip to the east coast, and the person at work who booked my flight didn’t put my middle name, airline FF number, and known traveler number (KTN - for TSA Pre✔️) in to the reservation. Shortly after they booked my flight, I went in to my own airline account to add the record locator to my reservations and add my FF and KTNs to the booking to be sure I’d have TSA Pre✔️ when the time came, but didn’t notice the missing middle name until after I already checked in for my flight. The airline wasn’t able to get me the Pre✔️ designation because I’d already checked in, so figured I’d likely end up trying to get a counter agent at the airport to do it. On a whim, I figured I’d send a message to the @AskTSA account on Twitter, to see if the TSA support reps themselves could help. They responded right away, asked for some information (full name as on ID, KTN, airline confirmation number/record locator, flight numbers, and departing dates and airport). Within minutes after that, they’d gotten the issue fixed and gotten the Pre✔️ Designation on my reservation and boarding pass.

I know not everyone is on twitter, but TSA also handles requests like this thru Facebook and email. A very handy service!

So if you find yourself about to travel, and unable to fix the missing TSA Pre✔️ Issue yourself (by updating a reservation before check in) or having an airline rep do it, you can actually contact TSA itself and they have the means to get it sorted for ya, and quickly!

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Good information, thanks for the tip!

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I didn’t even see that I had pre-check on my boarding pass the other day, and it would have taken me longer to move to that line than finish where I was—10 minutes total at SFO at noon on a Monday 😊

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My wife had that issue several years ago. Your airline frequent flier name needs to match your TSA Pre✔️/ Global Entry name. Once we updated her United profile, everything clicked instantly.

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A few weeks ago we flew to Europe out of Boston. Although we don't belong to Precheck or any other programs, we got precheck on our boarding pass. But when we showed our boarding passes to the first TSA agent, she looked at them and pointed us straight ahead, rather than towards what appeared to be the precheck lane. So we went ahead to the TSA agent at security, and he said "You don't have to be here and go through all this." I told him what the prior agent said, and he said he didn't know why she did that. He then told us to follow him, he brought us to the front of the precheck line, and he told the agent there what had happened. And then we went through in no time. That's just a story to show that TSA agents can be very pleasant and helpful.