get to Cinque Terre

Can anyone help me figure out how to get from Port-Cassafieres France to Verrnazza Italy on september 27th of this year. I just can not make it work.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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First you need to find a big town near that location with a train station (Beziers?). Then using a rail travel website such as enter your departure station and destination station. As a date use a date next week or month because the timetable for September will likely not be available. Schedules don't change much between now and September. Your trip is likely going to be very slow and full of changes. The line along the French and Italian rivieras isn't the fastest. If you are willing to rent a car it will be much quicker. However picking up a car in France and dropping it off in Italy will cost you dearly in drop off charges.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Roger, As Roberto noted, it appears that Beziers is the closest rail station. In checking various websites, I saw a few posts about pre-arranging a Taxi to get from Port-Cassfieres to Beziers. I assume you'll be ending a boat trip there? It is possible to take a train from Beziers to Vernazza, but the "bad news" is that it's about a 12-hour trip with at least four changes, with some legs by Bus. You could get there on 27 September, but it will be a LONG day! What time does your boat get to the dock? I wasn't able to find any direct budget air flights from Marseilles to either Genova or Pisa. Depending on your Itinerary, one option would be to stop at an intermediate point for a night, to "break up" the trip. Nice is one possibility. Good luck!

Posted by Roger
Salem, oregon, United States
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Thanks for the info , you both have been a big help