German Twin Saver Passes

I've read Rick Steve's German rail pass information and the brochure on the DB website so I think I know the answer to my questions. However, I want to be sure because I've read that some people buy two German Twin Saver passes. Does ONE German Twin Saver pass cover two people traveling together? Do people buy TWO German Twin Saver passes so they have, for example, 20 days of rail travel in Germany? Thanks so much for your help.

Posted by Lee
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A Twin pass covers two people traveling together. The German Rail website shows the price for both people; Rick shows the price per person, but you still must buy for two people. The pass has a field where you must enter the date before traveling that day. A three day pass has 3 fields; a ten day pass has 10. There are no more than 10 fields, so, if you want more than 10 days of pass travel, you must purchase two (or more) Twin passes. Before investing in a pass, use the German Rail (Bahn) website to find the cost of point-point tickets, advance purchase Savings Fare tickets, and Länder-Tickets for your itinerary. You will probably find that the pass does not save money. Incidentally, if one person were to travel alone one day using the Twin pass, that would use one day of the pass for both people.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I did the math for the Swiss rail pass and found that it would be cheaper to do point to point. Since we will be staying longer in an area and enjoy walking or biking to explore an area, the point to point tickets will probably be cheaper.