German Bus or hired car info please!

I need immediate info on getting a bus from Nurnberg to Frankfurt Airport. I am traveling with my disabled husband, a wheelchair, walker, and 4 pieces of luggage. We took the (reverse)train earlier this month, and if not for the help of strangers would still be in the station. The train stations and changes necessary are not handicapped friendly to say the least! Is there a bus or a ride-share option for this route? I am currently staying in Ansbach, so can leave from anywhere in that proximity. All I have found is a limo service for over $500., and I just can't afford that! Thank you!

Posted by Lee
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German Rail does provide assistance for behinderte (disabled) travelers making changes. It has to be arranged in advance. You might go to the station in Ansbach and ask them what is available. There are direct ICEs from Nürnberg to FRA, and they load at platform level. If the Bahn can give you assistance at both ends, that might work. The Romantic Road Coach is the only bus that I know of that would go to Frankfurt (Hbf, not FRA) without a change, but it doesn't stop in Ansbach. It does stop in Würzburg (also Feuchtwangen, Dinkelsbühl, and Rothenburg), but you would have to get there from Ansbach.

Posted by Susan
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Thank you for your reply. I did set up for help ahead of time, but it didn't materialize. I will check on the RR bus. Thanks

Posted by Andreas
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Another alternative, though not cheap, is Sixt Driver Service. They charge €83 per hour and your drive from Ansbach to Frankfurt airport would be 2 1/2 to 3 hours. But it would be a door-to-door service...