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Full refund on British Airways, thanks to this forum

Thanks to all that I have learned on this forum, I was able to get a full refund from British Airways today for a flight that was cancelled at the end of July.

Lesson learned from this forum: Don’t be in a rush to cancel flights, you will have better options if the airline cancels. My sister and I had cancelled our other reservations weeks ago but knew to wait to see if airline would cancel the flight. Today it did.

Lesson learned from this forum: You are entitled to a full refund if the airline cancels your flight that was to/from the US, but you will need to call to get it. The email notification of the cancellation had an enticing and easy to use feature that took one directly to a screen where it would be oh so easy to sign up for a voucher which appeared to be the only option. Instead I found a contact number and called the airline. I chose a time when I had plenty of time and worked on a jigsaw puzzle for the 20 minutes it took to connect. It took 5 minutes with a very pleasant customer service agent who refunded everything.

It is sad to have cancelled the trip, but thankful my money is refunded.

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Excellent news for you and bravo for BA for their professionalism and properly trained customer service representatives.

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Carol, so glad you got your refund, so that you can spend it on a future trip!

Great idea to work on a puzzle during the hold time :-)

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Carol, good for you! Glad we could help. I'm down to one more refund, from Trenitalia. I actually got an email saying they cancelled my booking, with a form to choose either a change or a refund. I need to do that now, then I'm done.

And I want to second your comment about the BA staff; everyone with whom I dealt was friendly, helpful, and courteous.

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That is good news, Carol, and thank you for taking the time to come back and share what you learned and how you made it work for you.

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We are still waiting to actually see the refund credit returned to our visa, and will keep you all posted. It's been about 8 weeks since we were able to speak directly to British Airways staff. A follow-up call confirmed that the refund was in process, and we should expect to actually have the credit this week. Fingers crossed!

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We’re waiting to see what happens with our flights that were to commence out of Seattle, August 17th.

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Carol, I am so happy to learn about your refund & how successful the process was!

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Same experience as Carol.... Was notified by BA of flight cancellations ( had 4 flights booked... they started cancelling 2 of the 4).

When I called after 2nd flight cancellation I was offer a voucher good for 2 years plus an additional 20 % credit if I took the voucher. I declined and was given full refund of the original tickets. Nice fellow said it may take up to 3 weeks for credit to appear back on my MC..... Credit appeared quickly back on my MasterCard in 3 quick days!!

Super Easy ... BA handled everything quickly & efficiently and very polite! Good customer service!