from Milan to Ascona, Switz. by car

So we decided, after some very helpful advice from the wonderful people on this graffiti wall, to rent a car to drive from either Venice or Milan to Ascona, Switzerland, then return it in Milan, then train or flight back to Paris. Anyone with ideas as to which city (Milan or Venice) best to rent car in? Seems like it would be cheaper to rent car in Venice than train to Milan, then car rental, no? And....which rental company is most economical? A Search for car rental in Venice on this site seemed to only show answers from 2010 and earlier.

Posted by Sam
Green Bay
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You still have not convinced me renting a car in Venice is cheaper. Its a toll road, fuel is very expensive (equivalent to $8-$9/gallon) and Italian Autostrata driving can be a bit nerve wracking. Compared to a 9 Euro supereconomy ticket cracking 200 km/hr while reading a newspaper and sipping a capucino.

Posted by Ellen
Los Angees, CA, USA
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Can you help me find where you found the 9euro fare?

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Ellen, go to the webs site and play with car type, pic-up and drop -off locations, and voila; you will have pricing for many options. We usually use AE for auto rental in the EU. They are a broker, based in Maine. They are very resposive, and helpful. Qustions after you surf? call them! You can also do a search on Kayak, etc, and pick a rental agency, etc. Book there. Bring your GPS from home, a Michelin map of the country, your drivers license, and a Internationl Driver's Permit, that you buy at your local AAA office.