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From London to Paris for the day

Hi, we are planning our trip to London and wanted to know if anyone has experience getting from one place to the other (Boat,train or low cost flight)? What is the best value for the money? Thanks

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Hi Dave-
I looked into taking the Eurostar for a daytrip to London while we are in Paris this summer. On recommendations from this message board I decided against it. Between check in for the train (similar to flights) and other logistic, it did not seem worth the hassle and expense (300+ euros for two of us) just for one day. We decided to save it for the next trip when we can devote more time to London.

You might consider booking far in advance if possible, I have heard that some low-cost fares are available. Best of luck.

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HI Darby,

I was kinda getting that feeling as well after reading Rick's london book. We thought at the beginning that we could "pop over" for the day, but spending up to $200 one way was quite a shock!! Thanks for your thoughts ( I was hoping!!)

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You can do it via Eurostar for about $100 pp r/t if you book as far in advance as you can. You leave awful early (530 am) and get into Paris about 9:30 Paris time, then have to leave Paris about 8:30 pm to get back....doable, but rushed.

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We did the one day Eurostar trip to Paris and were really disappointed- not in the ride- in Paris. If you really want to see it, try it. There is a package you can purchase in London that includes a short bus tour of Paris and your meals on the train. Check it out at any touris informaiton center or at Waterloo station (where you catch the Eurostar)

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If it's just for the day, and you won't be carrying luggage, you may want to look into flying.

In March of 06, we took the chunnel to Paris on a Thursday, which wasn't too expensive, but the Sunday return was. So we ended up booking a one-way ticket on British Midland (BMI) and the cost was about half what we would have spent to take the train. The downside is that you'll be traveling from airport to airport, which will take additional transportation.

Check out BMI's "baby" fares at to see if it would work for your schedule.

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Taking the train-ferry-train combination would be too slow for a day trip to Paris and back to London. So would the Eurolines coach (bus).

Apparently BMI has stopped offering a London-Paris route. It's no longer listed on their Web site. EasyJet is a budget alrlines that flies from Luton to CDG.

If you do it, my vote would be to take the Eurostar, even if it costs more than flying. Check-in time is only 30 minutes in advance. You go from city center to city center in less than three hours--faster than flying when you factor in the time getting to and from airports, going through security, etc. Fares vary widely depending upon day of the week, time of day, and how many discount seats are available. Book ASAP (up to 120 days in advance) at