From interlaken ost to venice

My last day in switzerland is in interlaken. So I would like to know from interlaken OST Is there a direct train to venice Or a fast train ? Do they leave from interlaken itself or do I need to get to brig or bern ? I'm super super confused now :(
Help me please !!!

Posted by Larry
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Sanny, you can buy a ticket from Interlaken Ost to Venice from the Swiss on No direct runs possible. You will change trains at Spiez and Milano Centrale for certain and possibly Brig or Domodossola. The trip will take close to 8 hours. Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy the tickets on the Swiss train website until your travel is within 30 days. From Spiez to Milan, you will be on Eurocity trains which are quite fast. From Milan to Venezia Santa Lucia, you will be on a very fast FRECCI train.

Posted by Sanny
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Thankyou so much for ur reply ;) Another question How do I go to foxtown outlet in switzerland ? Is it nearer from zurich or interlaken and how to get there from these 2 place I will also have Swiss pass
And how long does it take ?

Posted by Nigel
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Sanny A very quick google search for your mall (I'd never heard of it before) shows that it is just north of the Italian border much closer to Milan than any major Swiss city. It is certainly nowhere near either Interlaken nor Zurich. By train it is well over 5 hours from Interlaken and over 3 hours from Zurich, each way.

Posted by Sanny
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Thank you sooooo much
Really appreciate ur help :)

Posted by Sam
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Since it is on the way to Venice, you may want to book a train to Mendrisio and spend the night. You will have a place to stow your luggage and shop at your leisure. Then you are only 1 hour from Milano Centrale and your connection to a fast train to Venice.

Posted by Sanny
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I'm flying bak home from milan I was wondering do we need to get stamp to get VAT refund ? My friend just came bak she said u only need a receipt and proof of goods u bought no stamp needed Now I'm confused
I don't wanna risk not getting the refund