from europe to USA

my daughter moved to europe several years ago, now wants to return...she won't fly so I need to find a ship from europe to USA... where would i go to find one?

Posted by Frank
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There are a couple of ships that do Atlantic crossing. One relatively cheap way would be to catch one of the cruise lines when repositioning their ships. In the Fall the ships that have been cruising in Europe cross to the Carribean for winter cruises. Go to and follow some of the links.

Posted by David
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Your information is short. Where is your daughter wanting to leave from, and where is she wanting to go in the U.S. Unfortunately, most ships crossing the Atlantic are repositioning themselves from Florida and Puerto Rico TO Europe later Spring, 2013. Many hips will relocate to the U.S. and the Caribbean in October. The first really affordable ship coming this way is 4/30/2013 from Southampton, UK to Manhatten, NY, arriving 5/7/2013. It's on Norwegian Cruise Line's Breakaway, which is a brand new 144,000 ton ship. See:

Posted by Andreas
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Freight ships, container ships are allowed to carry up to 12 passengers on every crossing. A one-way ride from Bremerhaven to New York is around €1150 and takes 13 days. Link

Posted by Norma
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Cunard does regular transatlantic crossings from Southampton (and probably Hamburg) and at the right time of year the price can be quite reasonable.