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Fraudulent Jim’s Fraudulently Cheap Tickets

Has anybody used this company to buy airline tickets? Online reviews are terrible, especially the customers who mention being denied boarding when they presented their ticket at the gate (one said he was arrested?). I know fraud is in their name (twice), but they offer really good deals. So... anybody have experience with them?

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Remember what your mom told you:"If it's too good to be true, it IS too good to be true"

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There is a used car dealer here in Boise called "Fairly Reliable Bob". The title is ironic, of course, but it's only because of the huge display of vintage Corvettes, Lincolns, and Priuses that anyone would know. The online reviews of Fruadulent Fred (or Jim) clearly indicate the name is a more legitimate description than marketing ploy. Why would you even think about giving them your money?

I use a travel agent to book international flights. Doesn't cost me anything, they know most of the tricks for obtaining the lowest rates, and I'm not going to have ANY doubts my tickets are valid.

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Oh ya, I have been using them for years and highly recommend them!! I rarely get on a flight but when I do it is always at a heck of a good deal!!! 😉

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Reminds me of the homeless guy I see near the Ferry Building in San Francisco who has this sign-“Really bad advice, one dollar”.

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This reminds me of my first car. It was a Fiat. I learned the hard way that Fiat actually meant “ fix it again Tony”!

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What a shame the Atlantis thread is self isolating after being neglected for too long. Perhaps we should lobby Andrew and AF to reopen it. No travel restrictions there.