Frankfurt to Rome by train

Looking for help getting an all-day route leaving Frankfurt on 26/6 and arriving in Rome on the same day. Would also enjoy an overnight somewhere new, but am saving Milan and Florence until next month and not sure what other cities that would work with. Thoughts?

Posted by Tim
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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According to the German Rail site, there are two daytime routes that each require two connections: 1. Frankfurt(Main)Hbf-Zuerich HB-Milano Centrale-Roma Tiburtina, departing at 06:50 and arriving at 18:24. 2. Frankfurt(Main)Hbf-Bern-Milano Centrale-Roma Tiburtina, departing at 08:50 and arriving at 19:50.

Posted by Harold
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Use the Bahn website to find train schedules from Frankfurt to Rome: You can select stopover cities on that website. Remember that if you are traveling on high speed, all-reserved trains in Italy, you can't just stop off at whim; you must be ticketed for that stopover. For instance, if you want to get off in Bologna, you must be ticketed Frankfurt to Bologna and Bologna to Rome (two separate tickets). If you board a high speed train and don't have a reservation for that particular train, you will get a heavy fine. Regional trains do not have this restriction, but you must validate your ticket before travel or you will get fined.

Posted by Amy
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Thanks for the responses! I tried booking on but it wouldn't show trains through to Rome. Tried again with your link and got no further than Milan. Happily staying there for a day with a friend, but would love to know why I couldn't see options all the way through if they exist. Any ideas?