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Frankfurt GasthausPensione?

I'm scheduled into Frankfurt April 2. I've got 3 days of my own before attending a seminar at the Sheraton. I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a Gasthaus or Pensione I might enjoy - something more cultural and less expensive than the Sheraton at the Airport. This is my first trip to any German city and I'm really excited about having a few days to look around.

I aprreciate anyone's thoughts! Joe

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Some things you may want to consider: Staying in a smaller town just outside Frankfurt (it would give you a better real view of Germany). Taking the train is so easy and many Germans can speak some English. Or you could couchsurf at someone's home. I haven't done that yet but we plan on it this summer for when we are in Zurich. You can see what is available for Frankfurt at Or you can stay at a gasthaus or pension. We mainly stay in gasthaus/pensions and the experience is very nice and inviting. Some only offer bathrooms down the hall so if you don't care about that then go for it. Your there for the experience so why not. My opinion is Frankfurt does have alot to see but your so close to the Rhine river and many other beautiful areas, why not venture out a little.
PS you will love Germany!

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Thanks Sarah! You validate my intuition and what a traveling friend of mine recommends - I've never been anywhere accpet Canada and Western USA - I'm naive and ignorant about global traveling but have no problem asking questions - so, your suggestions are helpful. I will look into


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With 3 days on your own before your conference, I would definitely venture out and go to the Rhine or Mosel regions. Bacharach on the Rhine is only an hour away. It can also easily be done by train. The beautiful little villages on the Mosel are only about 1 1/2 - 2 hours away.

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Joe, maybe we could help you even better if we knew your age bracket. If you're under 40 and enjoy European nightlife (aka real nightlife, not what the Americans do) than Frankfurt is 2nd only to Berlin! If you in your 50 or older then you'd definitely enjoy Bacharach, St. Goar or Mainz much more...