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food on a plane?

Are you allowed to bring food (granola bars,candy)thru the security checkpoint & onto the plane>

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Just don't bring yogurt, juice boxes, or anything that is "liquid" or "gel" type. You won't have any problem with solid snacks of the type you describe.

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This is a good question. I travel a lot, so I'm always amazed that people are still trying to bring forbidden liquids through security, but I understand that if you don't travel, there is still confusion.

I just watched a teenage boy go through security and have the entire contents of his suitcase taken. He had full jars of peanut butter, cups of apple sauce, etc. I thought how silly of him, but then realized he had no idea what the rules are.

Just keep in mind anything that is solid is OK. As the other poster wrote, no liquids, jells. Candy bars and granola bars are fine! If you really need a snack on the plane take just a few. If you plan on eating this on vacation cuz you can't live without American food overseas...consider packing and checking your supply, then you can take anything that doesn't need refrigeration