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Flying with Delta and AirFrance info (including access to new AF lounge)

Many of you know this stuff already, I'm sure, but I didn't so I thought I would pass this on.

I'm flying to Berlin soon. My ticket was booked with Delta and I fly Delta from Duluth to MSP to CDG. The last leg, from CDG to BER, is with Air France. This is my first time flying with AF and I wasn't sure how it worked. I knew that the trip was treated as one long trip, and that baggage checked in Duluth would go with each flight until the final destination. And I knew that I would only need to go through immigration at CDG and not Customs.

But I didn't know if I needed to check in with both airlines or just Delta. I also wanted to have a comfortable place to stay at CDG (I have a 7+ hour layover there) so was checking out the AF lounges, but figured I'd have to wait till I got there to see if I was eligible.

So yesterday, I was on my phone and downloaded the AF app. I then signed up for the frequent flyer program on Air France. After I did that and got my account in there, I noticed a page that could take me to my bookings. I didn't think I had any but decided to check it out. They asked for a confirmation number, so I gave them the Delta number and lo and behold, all my ticket information suddenly appeared. Not only that, but I was able to give them my passport documentation and other info. And I will be able to check in to the AF leg ahead of time, along with my check in with Delta.

The best part was that I was able to order Lounge access through the app. AF has a brand new lounge at Terminal 2F for the Schengen travelers. It has relaxation pods, lots of food and drink stations, desks, massages, and many other amenities. If you don't have member status, you can buy a day pass (mine was $58) ahead of time. So now it's paid for, and when i get there, all I have to do is show my boarding pass to have access!

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Sounds excellent!! Good to know you’ve got lounge access.

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I’m so excited about that, Pam! Ordinarily I wouldn’t care, but with 7+ hours to kill, and the fact that I probably will not have slept much the night before on the plane, it will be a lifesaver!

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We flew AF in 2019 and their lounge had the best food of any lounge I have ever been in.

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Nice to know you could buy lounge access without being a medallion member.

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I just saw a youtube video of this lounge last looks amazing!