Flying to Nuremberg from East Coast USA

I can't find direct flights to Nuremberg from So. FL or New York. We can find appropriate flights to Munich but are unfamiliar with public transportation between Munich and the Viking boat dock in Nuremberg. What is the most efficient way to travel between MUC airport and Nuremberg. Is there a train? Thanks Francesca

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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You can get a flight to Nuremburg if you make one change in Frankfurt or another city. Or, you can fly nonstop to Munich (at least from New York) then take surface transit to Nuremburg. For your flight options, use, and make sure you are not just looking for nonstops (as you say, there are none available). I'll let someone who knows more figure out the easiest way between Munich Airport and Nuremburg (the train is easy, but getting from the airport to the main Munich train station takes almost an hour; I'm not sure if there's a better way).

Posted by Lee
Lakewood, Colorado
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The fastest, albeit not the least expensive, way would be to take one of the S-Bahn to Munich Hauptbahnhof and an ICE from Munich Hbf to Nürnberg. There are two ICEs an hour from Munich Hbf to Nürnberg. Just get on the next one. There is an S-Bahn from the airport to Munich Hbf about every 10 min. Take whichever one (S1 or S8) is leaving next, then catch the first ICE. The least expensive way, if you have an extra hour, is to take a bus from the airport to the Freising Bahnhof, then catch a regional express (RE) directly from Freising to Nürnberg. By taking the bus and a regional train, you can use a Bayern-Ticket (26€ for two) all the way to Nürnberg, and the Bayern-Ticket will also be good for local transportation in Nürnberg to the boat dock.